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Tornado Season in Allen County

Did you know that Allen County ranks third out of the 88 counties in the total number of tornado related fatalities in Ohio? Unfortunately this is a true fact. Since 1950, 18 Allen County residents have been killed in tornadoes. As a result of this alarming statistic we take tornado safety very seriously here.

Here are some tornado facts:

  • Most tornadoes occur between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., but remember they can happen AT ANY TIME
  • Ohio averages 16 tornadoes every year
  • Allen County has experienced 12 tornadoes since 1950, resulting 18 deaths
  • Tornado winds can reach speeds of 250 mph or more, with damage paths in excess of one mile wide
  • Most tornadoes move from southwest to northeast, but they can move in ANY direction
  • The average speed of a tornado is 30 mph.
  • Ohio’s peak season for tornadoes is April through July

Here are some important SAFETY TIPS:

  • Develop a plan NOW for how you and your family will take shelter at home, work and school when a tornado warning is sounded
  • When a Tornado Watch is issued, pay attention to weather conditions and monitor local media and NOAA weather radio for important information
  • The safest place to be during a tornado is below ground. If you have no basement or cellar, go to a small room (bathroom or closet) in the middle of the ground floor of your building. Stay away from windows.
  • Residents in mobile homes should make advance arrangements with a nearby building where they can take shelter during the storm
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